The Modern Norrbottenspets

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The Norrbottenspets are gentle dogs that are wonderful with children. They will likely back down from a loud boisterous child, and will simply wander off if they are being bothered. Most are quite good with smaller dogs as well, although some may have a strong prey drive that could cause problems. The Norrbottenspets are an extremely intelligent and independent breed. They were bred to work and solve problems on their own. As a result this can make them hard to train, and some are known to be accomplished escape artists. They are fast dogs with solid endurance. Exercise, both physical and mental is required to keep them happy.

The breed’s independence makes them a good companion for more advanced dog owners. They will learn to do pretty much anything, as long as they are interested in it. Since they don’t have the need for instruction that many sporting and herding dogs do, if they find something more interesting to them, they will just do that instead. However, in saying that, there are Norrbottenspets in Canada with titles in Obedience, Rally, Flyball, Tracking, and some have even taken Herding tests. Because of this, the popularity of this rare breed is growing. They are becoming recognized in Conformation rings as true competitors, and frequently place in group at all breed shows across the country.

The breed has never been in better shape in North America than it is today.